Safe Delivery of Potable Water

Water Samples Tested Weekly

Fresh potable drinking water is all we supply.

All of our trucks are properly rigged for the safe delivery of pure potable water

We provide 24/7 bulk water delivery, pool water, hot tub filling, ice rink flooding, construction, commercial and industrial water supply, water storage tanks, tanker and trailer rentals.

konick farm

Since 1978, the Konink family has worked over 300 acres of rich farm land near Crysler Ontario.

Moving from dairy to cash crops, the Konink Farm has always been known for the quality products it delivers to the Eastern Ontario  market.

A large part of our success has been the access to large amounts of pure clean water.

Discovering a surplus of fresh water on our property, has lead us into the bulk water supply business in Eastern Ontario.

Fresh water tankers are invited to fill up at Konink Farms when their customers demand bulk fresh potable water.

Our dependable and fast pumping equipment can fill your water haulers fast and get you back on the road quickly.